Nikko – Japanese (tempura)


Tempura  – Japanese cuisine. Different preference for natural, minimally processed foods, the widespread use of seafood, seasonal, typical dishes, specific rules of registration of dishes, serving, table manners.

Nabe  is a pot boiling in the middle of the table. To the table tray dish full of raw foods, together engaged in cooking and then eat nabemono of the common pot. Prepare most fish, seafood, chicken, meat, and, in addition, usually vegetables.

* Snack on the season
* Salad
* Dried fish in Japanese
* rolls soybean curd
* Appetizer of stewed pork in sweet sauce
* Nabe duck or govyadinys seasonal vegetables
* Transparent Japanese soup “Usui mono”
* Pickles
* Grechichny tea
* Dessert (fruit according to the season)


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