A look at the interior of the Boeing 787


Of course, the dream of a new airliner Boeing-787 is made ​​from composite materials and super energy efficient, but if you are not the owner of the airline, the only thing you care about – it is as comfortable in the plane. Boeing knows this and therefore tried to provide passengers with a comfort, what they can not experience in any other aircraft. Aerospace has decided that the new aircraft must have the latest amenities, and has made ​​every effort to interior was as modern as modern fuselage, aerodynamics and ship engines. The air that you breathe, turbulence you (do not) feel, the windows in which you see, all the sensations on each flight stage – all this is going to be completely different. “When you go inside the 787, you sees« Wow »! “- said analyst Scott Hamilton, who had a chance to see a demo interior at Boeing factory near Seattle. you understand that 787 is something new, at a time when stepping aboard.

Boeing does not waste time in vain in an effort to give the passengers a new experience. As soon as you step on board this dream liner just inside the door open space appears in front of you. The integrated blue LED ceiling light-emitting diodes, creating the illusion of sky overhead.”They designed the living room instead of the likeness of the galley,” – says Hamilton. “It does make a cozy atmosphere, without creating the feeling that you walk into someone’s kitchen.” Of course, the final decision about what you will see is up to the airlines – aircraft owners. Some of them may well convert the interior of the cabin, and other features of the aircraft. But even if they do spoil it, the cabin 787 will be a lot of exciting new products. One of the most remarkable features of the aircraft is the interior lighting. Anyone who has ever made ​​a flight across several time zones knows what it is – to sleep in flight and be woken flick of a switch, after which fills the interior fluorescent white light. Boeing LEDs allow crew to adjust the light intensity according to the various phases of flight.

During embarkation and during the flight rather ordinary light. While eating it becomes warmer. Once you’ve finished a meal and you want to sit back and relax, lounge will be filled relaxing lavender tones. When it comes time to take a nap, the light goes out almost completely.However, there is nothing more remarkable than the way the board lights will wake you up.

Instead instant lighting of the cabin, the brightness will slowly increase, going from purple and orange hues of sunrise to yellow and finally white daylight against the sky. According to the Boeing, the lighting will match the current time of the day at your destination that will mitigate the effects of flight on an airliner.

Bedtime reveals yet another innovation. Your sleep will no longer be disturbed by the passenger in the adjacent seat at the window, if he wants to lift the window curtain to look again at the Pacific Ocean, and thus fill the interior with sunlight. At the windows 787 is not blind. They use electrochromic shading system. With the switch, you can let a desired amount of light in the interior, or remove it completely. Of course, the main switch is in the crew. Thus, your neighbor will not admit to the salon more light than is necessary for a quick view of the Pacific Ocean, and to disturb the other people in the cabin.

However, the kind of windows certainly enjoy it, since 787th their sizes were increased by 65% compared with the other planes. Boeing made ​​them extended to both children and NBA players (basketball) can enjoy the view in the same way as ordinary passengers. Boeing seriously approached to how passengers feel inside the cabin. Admit it – you sit in a tube. Fuselage reaches 5.8 meters in width, and it is all the space that is available to you. The first class is usually present a greater sense of spaciousness, but Boeing wants all passengers can feel at ease on board.To achieve this, the designers Boeing gave him an open, airy design. This is another reason for the presence in it of lighting, like heaven. “The ceiling was designed in the form of arches to give the interior a feeling of more space than typical of conventional aircraft,” – said Hamilton.Even the luggage racks have been designed from scratch. Due to the fact that the prices for delivery of baggage have increased, and many passengers are willing to part with their belongings on the time of flight, Boeing made ​​a shelf for 30 percent more. Load luggage became easier by the fact that the shelves are lowered when opening and then return to its original position when push them upwards. This should make life easier for people who do not know what kind of luggage is suitable for the carriage on the shelf, but also help the rest of the passengers to stow their belongings compactly on a shelf, not obstructed aisles.

The composite structure 787 Dreamliner makes this easier and improves its aerodynamic properties, which is an undoubted boon for airlines.Furthermore, the use of composite materials mean that the aircraft body is less susceptible to corrosion. And this, in turn, will increase the humidity inside the cabin and passengers rid of the feeling of dryness in the mouth after a long flight. Again, thanks to the fuselage composite materials can increase the pressure inside the cabin. This means that the pressure in the cabin will be at a pressure at an altitude of 2 kilometers instead of 2.5 kilometers actual. Together, these factors will allow passengers to breathe more freely, reduce the number of headaches, heal such trip symptoms such as fatigue and other symptoms of poor health. Another factor that causes headaches and general annoyance is the noise, especially if you sit next to the engine. New gear for engine nacelle 787 allow to reduce the noise level both for passengers and for the ground observer, which will fly on an airliner. Even the propeller inside the engines were designed for quieter operation. One of the most innovative systems that ensure comfort for passengers 787 is turbulence suppression system with computer control. Boeing says its smooth flight technology (Smoother Ride Technology) will reduce the number of passengers seasick eight times. Plane over the entire area is provided with special sensors that detect changes in air pressure, and it is one of the features of turbulence. Based on the readings from the sensors computer system adjusts the position of flaperons to suppress the vertical oscillation of the aircraft. From all the troubles this system we can deliver, but Boeing says that it will significantly reduce the impact on passengers of moderate turbulence, often causing air sickness. According to Hamilton, all of these technologies will enable the 787 th leave the competition far behind. He also says that if you are familiar with the typical interior of the current aircraft, you will not miss him. Even the most modern interiors do not stand comparison with the new Boeing. Information from the website http://habrahabr.ru


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