Museum Miraykan

Museum Miraykan or “Museum of the Future” – National Museum of the advanced science and technology, created by the Japanese Agency for Science and Technology; It located on the artificial island of Odaiba, Tokyo. Miraykan Museum seeks to enrich the representation of the world community and to develop a person’s interest in science. 5 and 6 floors are reserved for permanent exhibitions, other temporary exhibitions.


The museum presents the current research and development projects – more than 200 exhibits and interactive installations, the exhibition prepared by scientists from various fields – as well as the exposure that help people learn more about themselves and the world around.Miraykan gives visitors the opportunity to learn something new experimental way – through interaction with the exhibits: for example, you can remove fingerprints through a special scanner for computer analysis, or disassemble the plastic model of the human head in order to understand how the brain is wired.

The main exhibit of the museum – Geo-cosmos globe – a huge ball composed of many tiny monitors the OLED, which displays detailed picture of the world with a computer simulation of possible changes in the planet’s atmosphere and hydrosphere. Geo-space – the main symbol Miraykan museum.


Several times the special performances are held on the day, is particularly popular. One of the most famous shows – presentation of a humanoid robot ASIMO. Android gets its name in honor of the famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, who gave the world the “Three Laws of Robotics.” Asimo can talk and answer questions, to recognize the faces of his companions, to respond to movement and walking. Currently Asimo – one of the most advanced in the world androids.


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