Valley Owakudani

Owakudani (大 涌 谷) – Valley of Geysers, known for its sulfur springs. For some time the valley was called “Dzigokudani” or “Hell’s Valley”, but now the name is related mainly to the snow monkey park near the city of Nagano.

Owakudani Valley – a very popular tourist destination, though at first sight kind of bare rocks and a strange odor can produce a feeling of revulsion. In essence, Owakudani – a crater formed by a volcanic eruption about 3000 years ago. Sulphur Springs – the main attraction of these places: to bathe in them will not work, due to very high temperatures, but they bring their own benefit, as will be discussed a little later. In addition, on a clear day there is a splendid view of Mount Fuji-san.


You can get here by cable car, the first station is located on the shore of Lake Ashi. When lifting a beautiful overview of the valley, which is only ten minutes walk from the station Owakudani. Already on the site, you see the bubbling pools and small kiosks, where everyone can buy a bag of hot black eggs longevity.

Black eggs Owakudani or Onsen tamago – that should definitely try every tourist. Cooked in a hot spring, these eggs prolong the life of a man for seven years, as the old belief. But there is a condition: at one time, you can only eat one or two eggs, eating more than three eggs can negatively affect your health. As for color, the shell turns black due to the excess of sulfur springs. Even if you for some reason can not or do not wish to climb the mountain, the eggs can be purchased at one of the shops near the station.


Active travelers may be interested in the famous hiking route from Owakudani station to the top of the mountain Hokkaido Koma-ga-take. The journey takes about 2 hours, and as many more will take the way back – to Lake Ashi. For the descent, you can also use the cable car.


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