Miyako Island and Miyako Jima.

Miyako Island and Miyako Jima – is a paradise for diving enthusiasts. Miyako Jima, located 300 kilometers south-west of the island of Okinawa, from all parts framed by white sand beaches. Its waters are known for a wide variety of fish and beautiful corals. Adjacent Islands Irabu and smoke connected with the island of Miyako bridges.

Miyako Jima is the fourth largest island in Okinawa Prefecture, a large part of its territory covered with sugarcane plantations. On the island are not many cities, the largest of them is the city of Hirara.

Most of the population speaks only in Japanese, can meet and English-speaking residents, but extremely rare.

Unfortunately, the ferry service to Miyako Jima ceased in 2008, therefore, can be reached only by plane to the island. With regard to local transport, there are several bus lines, but their schedule is very irregular. It is recommended to rent a car or use a taxi. Many hotels on the island offer a shuttle service for its customers – from Hirara Airport. It is also possible to rent a scooter or a bike – the island is almost no hills.However, keep in mind that a special license is required for the scooter.

On the island there are many hotels and guest houses. Most of them are located in the northern part of Hirara Jim, the other – in the southern part, close to several beaches.



Picturesque beaches Miyako Jima are very popular among Japanese tourists. From April to November the temperature rises above 25 degrees and the water is very warm. However, you should be careful and watch out for strong currents that can carry out to the open sea, as well as jellyfish Habu, which occur most often in the period from June to October.

Yoshino Beach – is considered the best beach for snorkeling on the island, but it is located in the most remote parts of it. Multi-colored fish surround you almost as soon as you enter the water, and a little farther begins the amazing maze of coral reefs. On the beach there are showers, toilets and shops where you can rent diving equipment.

Sunayama Beach – the beach, located near the city of Hirara. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island – white sand, blue waters and rock formations. The symbol of the beach is rock with arched doorway inside, which was formed many hundreds of years ago from the raging waves. All necessary amenities are present on the beach.

Yonaha Maehama Beach – the beach, stretching for 7 km, lapped by the blue waters and surrounded by tropical trees. Here is an opportunity to practice a variety of water sports – « Tokyu is Resort is Hotel is», located nearby, offers to rent all the necessary equipment and gear. Also nearby is a tent city.

Boragā Beach – hence begin their journey along the coastal waters of many supporters of kayaking and snorkeling – close to shops with the necessary equipment. Near the beach is a swimming pool with pure natural spring water, which, as they say, has a rejuvenating effect.



City Botanic Gardens Miyako Jima – a large, landscaped park for recreation and study tropical plants Miyako Island, as well as samples from the South-East Asia, Hawaii and Taiwan. Located in the city of Hirara, free admission.

Cape Higashi-Hennazaki – located on the south-east of Miyako Jima. On the edge of the 2-kilometer-long peninsula is a lovely lighthouse.

Tomb Tuyumya – located in Hirara, is the burial place of Nekezona Tuyumya, Miyako leader in the 16th century, and his descendants. Nekezon Tuyumya deserved glory of the brave war, who fought for the island in the battle with the enemies from Ishigaki Island. Access to the free.








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