How to get from Tokyo to Kyoto?

The most convenient way to get to the ancient capital of Japan – Kyoto, is to sit down at the Tokyo train station (or Shinagawa station) on the famous high-speed train Shinkansen and after 2 hours and 30 minutes you will find yourself in the stunning ancient city with lots of attractions worthy of careful study and admiration !

The distance from Tokyo to Kyoto – 513 km. Travel time depends on the type of train that you choose to travel. Between the two Japanese capital ply several types of Shinkansen . Fastest – this Nozomi (Nozomi) ( «Nozomi” – the Japanese word for “hope”), etc., which is slower – it’s Hikari (Hikari) ( «Hikari” – the Japanese word for “light”), and the slowest – Kodama (Kodama) ( «Kodama” – the Japanese word for “echo”),

On the super-express train Nozomi travel time to 140 minutes at Hikari about 160 minutes, on older Shinkansen Kodama, which stops at all stations, the journey takes about four hours.


The fare at Hikari and Kodama without the possibility of reserving seats – 12.710 yap.yen, redundant locations – 13,200 Jap. yen in the same direction. The cost of Nozomi – 13,500 Jap. yen to reserve space in the same direction. The risk buying tickets without the possibility of reserving the place, is the fact that in high season Shinkansen ride full and is not uncommon that people travel standing, and 2.5 hours to go to Kyoto, is not quite convenient.

To travel to Kyoto recommend buying travel Japan Rail Pass , it will come out cheaper. It acts on Hikari and Kodama, on the Nozomi travel does not apply.

Tickets can be purchased on the Shinkansen train station in Ticket office (green sign) at the cashier or through vending machines in the same place.
The platform for trains will be shown on the scoreboard. On the platform itself look at the scoreboard, not to sit in a train and not go somewhere is not there, because the trains run at short intervals with the same platform.


Shinkansen stops at a small parking lot of time, so you should prepare for the exit from it. Usually 5 minutes before the arrival of the train sounds melodic sound and on the display appears the inscription characters, and then in English about what the station will now. When you exit the station at the point of destination will have to show the ticket inspector or the turnstile, so do not throw them away.

Tip: It is better to sit on the right, if you’re lucky, you can see g.Fudzi.


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