Japanese: Wagyu beef dishes.

20141601184953Wagyu – an elite beef variety that distinguishes a special gentleness and tenderness. We advise all visitors of Japan definitely try not only the well-known sushi and sashimi, but also exotic shabu-shabu and sukiyaki, and Wagyu beef steaks. Almost in every corner of Japan, you can find restaurants that specialize in cooking Wagyu beef.

If you prefer dishes with a rich, multi-faceted flavor, we advise sukiyaki. This is perhaps the best Japanese meat dish. In the West and East of the country has its own cooking tricks, but the basic recipe is one: thinly sliced ​​pieces of meat pour soy sauce, sugar and rice wine, and then stewed in a pot with vegetables. To highlight the flavor and aroma of the meat to the dish offer a sauce of raw eggs.

20141601185106If you prefer a light and healthy food, be sure to try shabu-shabu. This is not just a meal, it’s a ritual. Before you put a pot on the table, which is boiled clear broth of kombu – sea kale, and plates of thinly sliced ​​vegetables, meat and tofu. In a saucepan to put vegetables to get richer broth.Then you take thinly sliced ​​pieces of meat and briefly dip them in a pot. All the dish is ready. This cooking method helps to reveal all the softness and unique taste Wagyu beef. It plays an important role sauce, and you can choose from a citrus sauce, or with the addition of ground sesame seeds. After the meat and vegetables in a pan end, the broth is lowered noodles, which typically last eating.

Wagyu beef steak familiar to Europeans, but no less tasty. The method of cooking meat on the grill is not unique, but it helps to reveal the rich taste of tender beef Wagyu. Try this dish is better in specialized restaurants.

And finally, the joy for fans and fans of sushi. Usually sushi made from fish, but some restaurants can be found nigiri-zushi and Wagyu beef.Due to the unique properties of beef Wagyu this dish will just melt in your mouth.

Enjoy your meal!


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