Temple hotel Syukubo


What is “Syukubo”

Syukubo – the inn on the territory of a Buddhist temple, originally designed for the traveling monks. But over time, the temples have been providing accommodation to all travelers, so if you crave the unusual experience – overnight in syukubo you give them.

Syukubo offers a unique opportunity to learn more about the life of the Japanese monks, but only to a certain extent – for example, in the cell you do not have to live exactly. Syukubo something like a ryokan: rooms for guests decorated in Japanese style – with a mat on the floor, fusuma sliding doors and futon as visited (toilet and bathroom on the floor). But in the morning, guests can participate in the service or zazen meditation, afternoon walk at the temple and to the traditional Buddhist cuisine dinner (consisting solely of vegetarian dishes) to take a Japanese bath.



Syukubo there throughout Japan, but for the most vivid impressions do you want to go to Mount Koya-san – here you will find more than 50 churches, providing accommodation to tourists and pilgrims (to practice Buddhism, it is not necessary). In addition, there exciting natural and architectural views. A distinctive feature of the local syukubo is that many of them are suitable to tourists who do not speak Japanese. Monks can have a conversation with you in English, if necessary responsible for the inn. The average cost of living in syukubo (includes dinner and tomorrow) – from 9 000 to 15 000 yen per night. In most churches accept only cash.


It is worth remembering that syukubo – this is not just a hotel, but a full-fledged part of the temple, a sacred place, so you should stick with the standard norms of behavior, especially during prayer. All guests have the opportunity to join a morning meditation the monks, which begins approximately at 6:00 and lasts about 35-45 minutes (pictures forbidden). Of course, this is not a mandatory part of the program of your stay – you can relax before 7 am until breakfast is served – but agree that without it your visit to syukubo may lose its value. Zazen meditation practice that helps a person to relax and experience the peaceful rhythm of life, is gaining popularity in the world, so be sure to take the opportunity to learn Japanese meditation from the true guru.



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