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Kawagoe – a small town 30 minutes from central Tokyo. Kawagoe is often called “Little Edo”, as preserved a large number of buildings that create the atmosphere of the old town of the era Edo period (1603-1867.) On the main street. These buildings are built in the traditional Japanese style Kurazukuri (kura c Japanese means “warehouse”). Once Kawagoe was a very important city associated with Tokyo trade relations. Now – this is a very popular tourist destination.

How to get there:

From Tokyo Station to Ikebukuro station Kawagoe Station and Kawagoe-shi followed the train line Tojo Line (30 minutes by express train, 470 cost of a single fare).

From Tokyo Station Seibu Shinjuku Station to station Hon-Kawagoe Station for trains line Seibu Shinjuku Line (50-60 minutes, 500 yen one way).

From Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station to Station Kawagoe Station Station offers high-speed trains JR Saikyo / Kawagoe Line (55 minutes, 760 yen one way). Covered JR PASS.



Kitain Temple – the main temple of Tendai school in the Kanto region. After a fire in 1638 the third shogun Tokugawa ordered the transfer here of the buildings of a complex of old Edo Castle (now in its place stands the Imperial Palace in Tokyo). In fact, these buildings – the only thing left from the old castle.

Also in the temple, you will see a large number of stone statues Gohyaku Rakan, depicting the Buddha, each of which is embodied with its special expression. In total, 540 temple statues.

How to get there: The temple is a 15-minute walk from the station Hon-Kawagoe Station (Line Seibu Shinjuku line – from Tokyo trains from Shinjuku station, or storage area.


Warehouse District (蔵造りの町並み , Kurazukuri no Machinami) – the famous street with houses built in the style of Kurazukuri. Here, as nowhere else to keep the atmosphere of the Edo period. Once upon a time these buildings were used as warehouses, but now they mainly are shops, restaurants and museums.

Getting there: 10-15 minutes walk from the station Hon-Kawagoe Station, or 20 minutes walk from Kawagoe Station Station or 25 minutes from the Kawagoe-shi Station Station.


Muse th Kawagoe – here you can learn more about the culture and history of the city, as well as Kurazukuri style.

How to get there: The museum is a 10-minute walk from the warehouse district and the temple Kitain.


Alley sweets (菓子屋横丁, Kashiya Yokochō ) – small street branching off from the main street of the warehouse district. Here you can taste a variety of Japanese sweets and treats, for example, Carinthia (sugar-coated pastry), cakes of sweet potato or bean paste, rice crackers.

Getting there: Located in the northern part of the warehouse district, next to the Museum Kawagoe Festival.Or 10-15 minutes walk from Hon-Kawagoe Station.


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